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"Art is a creative exploration, which invokes thought and emotion coupled by techniques used to foster a relationship between it's creator and beholder".  - LC Pitre

Lawrence was born in the Central Area of Seattle. Just as other children growing up, he was looking for an identity and visual art became that mystical vehicle. After receiving his AA degree, Lawrence transferred to the University of Washington into the School of Art where he began to cultivate his artistic talents under the direction of the renowned artist Jacob Lawrence.


Upon completion of his BA in Fine Arts, Lawrence quickly learned that self-expression was a key to creative cultivation. So, in the fall of 2015 he decided to bridge the gap between his government career and his artistic passion and enrolled in the Masters of Fine Arts Leadership Program which he graduated from in June 2017 at Seattle University.


Personally, Lawrence sees his artistic endeavors as self-expressions depicting life experiences, which includes struggles, joy, and his love of life. Lawrence seeks to understand the process of creativity in the way a theoretical physicist seeks to understand the universe. His selection process is a spiritual layering which, when you step back seems to float within the universe we live in. He calls this process natural "intelligence". It is a key aspect of Pitre's philosophy as he explores different art forms, styles and unique works of art. 

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